The Best Instagram Accounts Dedicated to Zero Waste Living

Have you decided to try zero waste living? Great!

The zero waste community is one that spans the globe, made up of individuals passionate about reducing and preventing waste. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, or someone with plenty of experience, any mission is better if you’re doing it with the support of a community.

And one of the easiest ways to find said community? Instagram. Following hashtags like #zerowaste, #goingzerowaste or #zerowasteliving will help you find others on the same journey as you.

These are some of our favourite accounts to follow for tips and inspiration.

1. Kathryn Kellogg

Kathryn had a breast cancer scare when she was in college, which got her thinking about what she put in her body. As a result of what she found and learnt, she started her blog Going Zero Waste.

Kathryn is now one of National Geographic’s spokespeople for plastic-free living, and the author of 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste.

On her Instagram account, you’ll find tips on how to go zero waste and Kathryn’s real life struggles with the practice. You’ll also see educational posts about what you’re putting into your body, and how litter and plastic impact the earth.


2. Jess Carpenter

If you think going zero waste means being less fashionable, think again.

And you will when you see Jess’s Instagram feed.

Her minimalist way of dressing that calls for recycling the same few outfits is not only stylish, but makes you think twice about shopping for new clothes you don’t need: Seriously, does every #OOTD need new clothes?


3. Anita Vandyke

Need realistic hacks and advice on how to live a zero waste life?

Anita, author of A Zero Waste Life, is your to-go person.

She regularly posts tips about her daily zero waste rituals and hacks and provides both budgeting solutions for cutting out waste in your life.

Why budget? Because let’s be real: Going zero waste can sometimes cost more cash than not opting to go down that route, which is a shame.


4. Manuela Baron

Manuela tries to live a zero waste, minimal and plant-based life, and it shows in her Instagram posts, where she encourages everyone to live a more sustainable lifestyle with her zero waste tips and observations.

The artwork and outfits she makes from are particularly impressive.


5. Heather White

Heather is a mum with a family of four who strives to live intentionally, and this includes the foods she eats as well as the products she uses.

We’re particularly impressed with how she and her family grow their own food, which include figs, berries, herbs, okra and flowers, which she uses in her meals.

Heather’s Instagram posts also includes zero waste hacks, like using parchment paper to store shampoo bars, keep them from disintegrating into a soggy mess.


6. Megean Weldon

Megean from Kansas City is on a journey to make her lifestyle as zero waste as possible.


7. Anne-Marie Bonneau

Love to cook and want to do it in a purposeful, zero waste way without involving excess packaging and processed foods? Then you’ll love Anne-Marie, also known as @zerowastechef.

She shops at farmers markets to reduce chances of buying foods that have plastic packaging, then shares her recipes and food prepping tips food for the week ahead using these same ingredients.

Not only are her methods zero waste, they’re also healthier since she doesn’t use processed food.


8. Bea Johnson

CNN calls her the mother of the zero waste lifestyle movement, and for good reason: She’s been striving to live a zero waste lifestyle with her family for over 10 years now.

Thanks to her zero waste cred, it’s safe to say that Bea knows what she’s talking about.


9. Daniel Silverstein

Daniel is a New York-based clothing designer and zero waste pioneer who’s on a mission to end waste in the fashion industry – one of the biggest industries to contribute to our bursting landfills.

Daniel turns fashion scraps into new clothes, making it a popular practice in the process and helping us get a step closer to making fashion waste is a thing of the past.

Following Daniel is proof that just because you’re going zero waste, it doesn’t mean you have to be leave your love for fashion behind.


Planning to make zero waste habits a part of your daily routine? Start by ditching the plastic shopping bags and paper napkins in your life and swapping them with reusable ones. Make your own easily with our DIY bento bag and napkin tutorials here:


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