‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ Is Basically ‘Lethal Weapon 5’

Not to mention scenes of Walker being dragged before an aggressive government panel, not unlike Tony in Iron Man 2, and sweatily hammering metal.

The penultimate episode also cemented that this show is less of a comic book adaptation and more of a Lethal Weapon movie, just with fewer mullets and sexy saxophone licks.

Obviously, the series has been proudly following a buddy cop formula, and the cast literally promoted the show as Lethal Weapon-esque. But with only one episode to go, it’s clear that this show is not just vaguely inspired by the franchise but is an elaborate remix of specific elements from the Richard Donner action quadrilogy, albeit one that happens to star a couple of Avengers. Sam is the more by-the-book company man, like Danny Glover’s Det. Roger Murtaugh and Bucky is the moody loner shaped entirely by his past trauma like Mel Gibson’s Riggs, both of whom are constantly being pestered to examine said trauma by an unrelenting therapist. And while Bucky is alone, Sam is surrounded by family and eventually invites Bucky to stay with them. But both Sam and Murtaugh are concerned about their pal flirting with a family member, Sam’s sister —

And, unfortunately, Murtaugh’s daughter …

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