Most popular stocks and crypto in America

Perhaps it was due to the pandemic causing stock prices to fall, or the extra cash courtesy of the government stimulus checks that triggered the surge of new investors in 2020. While we can’t say for sure what caused this uptick in investors, what we can do is highlight some of the more popular stocks out there.

What are the most popular stocks?

To determine the most popular stocks, Finder ranked stocks by the largest daily volume. Stock volume refers to the number of shares traded in a stock. High volume typically indicates there is high demand for the stock.

We show the latest figures from the Nasdaq showing the volume of each stock at the close of each previous day. We also show the average volume over the last 30 market days and the change in volume. Higher average volume indicates that a stock has sustained popularity. Note that these figures are shown for your interest only and are not a guide for how you should invest.

Crypto vs. Stocks: which popular investment method is winning so far in 2021?

To see whether crypto or stocks is winning in 2021, we decided to compare the most popular crypto vs. traditional stocks and see which investment was more profitable. We tracked how an investment of $1,000 made at the start of 2021 is performing so far.

Follow the live tracker to see what method is currently winning in 2021. Last year’s final results showing how each popular stock and crypto performed are also available. As always with investing, it’s worth remembering that past performance doesn’t guarantee you future success, and unexpected factors can affect share prices.

2021 Investment tracker

2020 Investment tracker

How much could you have earned in 2020?

If you’d like to find out how much you would have earned in 2020, if you had invested in 6 different popular stocks and cryptocurrencies, use our investment calculator. You can enter in any investment amount to see what you would have earned.

Investment Calculator

Find out how much you would have earned in 2020

If you had invested the amount you typed in above at the beginning of January 2020, you would have made or lost the following amounts by the end of 2020:

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