The electric car you’ve never heard of is a hoot

I have spent a lot of time behind the wheel of a lot of electric cars.

, , Chevrolet, and now Polestar — the new electric car brand from Volvo.

Polestar began life as a racing team that later built speedy versions of Volvo’s wagons and sedans for folks looking for a more performance-oriented ride. Then Volvo bought the whole company and spun it off as a separate premium brand focused on EVs. It’s not quite the Lexus to Volvo’s Toyota, given that both marques are rather premium — but there are certainly differences even with a lot of shared DNA.

Polestar’s first effort was the Polestar 1, a $155,000 grand touring coupe with a two-liter four-cylinder super- and turbocharged engine borrowed from Volvo combined with an all-electric driving range higher than 52 miles and a total of 619 horsepower. Only 1,500 will be made and it’s Polestar’s halo car and you might never see one on the road.

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