Thread With 290k+ Reactions Explains Contrast Between Reactions To Male And Female Violence Against Each Other In Media

Sadly, double standards are more often than not a reality with many things in our society. Tumblr has been discussing one such standard, but one that not many would expect. And an important one nonetheless.

One Tumblr user shared their thoughts on the idea of how it’s not all that shocking for men to see males expressing acts of violence towards women in various media, but when the tables turn and women start being violent against men, it suddenly becomes absolutely horrifying.

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Sadly, double standards are a thing, and here’s a more or less unconventional one that certainly needs to change

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Tumblr has been discussing the issue of violence, specifically how different people react to men-against-women violence compared to when the roles are reversed

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Tumblr user bau-liya pointed out one interesting thing: women are supposed to ‘grin and bear’ the various media showcasing abuse and violence against women and that being declared a ‘high art,’ yet when the roles reverse, it’s suddenly taboo and barbaric.

This inspired another Tumblr user, jujubiest, to share their experience and thoughts on the matter, leading to a now-viral thread on the social media platform.

This Tumblr user shared some of their insights and conclusions on the matter

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Juju took a course in modern horror films and had to watch a lot of them. During some of these screenings, they noticed how other family members were cringing and being shocked by a particular context of violence: when women are overly aggressive towards men.

They also provided other examples—one being how even the academics for the thesis were reluctant to discuss certain aspects that involved said violence and the various backlash by men on the topic.

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This led the Tumblr user to reach a conclusion that most men are fine and/or desensitized to male-on-female violence, but are intensely bothered by the opposite. Even the mere idea of it presented in the media is loathsome, let alone actually experiencing something like it.

Now, violence of any kind should not be a thing in any society in the first place. But the thread does raise a good point—how many are actually desensitized to violence towards women, but as soon as it’s vice versa, it becomes “fresh” and hence shocks us more, despite it being the same violence.

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The thread managed to go (very much) viral, gaining a staggering 290,000+ notes on the media platform alone. This is besides all of the reshares on other social media and news sites.

And as it turns out, the issue has been around for a while, as evident from a newspaper comic from 1993

Image credits: jujubiest

What are your thoughts on this? Feel free to discuss the issue in the comment section below!

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