Halo Infinite FOV, Graphics Settings Revealed For Both PC, Xbox

According to a new edition of from last week, developer 343 Industries revealed that Halo Infinite has been designed to offer the same competitive experience on all supported platforms. Hence, features like FOV settings which are more standard on PC will be available on console as well.

While showcasing the graphics options of the game, 343 Industries confirmed that players will be able to customize their FOV settings from 78 FOV (default) to 120 FOV if needed. The adjustable FOV settings will furthermore work in tandem with different aspect ratios in Halo Infinite starting from the basic 16:9 to 21:9 to a maximum of 32:9 for super ultrawide displays.

In addition to FOV and dynamic resolution scaling, Halo Infinite on PC will feature many other graphics options as well such as texture filtering and quality, geometry quality, reflections, depth of field, shadow quality, dynamic lighting, and anti-aliasing.

Halo Infinite releases in fall 2021.

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