Here’s Where You’ve Seen Young Kara in ‘Supergirl’ Before

Back in Season 3, we saw a major recast in Supergirl: the actress who played Young Kara had been swapped out. Malina Opal Weissman had been the original for three whole seasons before Izabela Vidovic stepped in. It’s unclear why the decision to recast happen, but we do know that Malina went on to play Violet Baudelaire, who’s the lead in A Series of Unfortunate Events, the same year she left Supergirl (2017).

So, it’s likely that Malina got an offer that was too good to pass up and left Supergirl. This is far from the first time a somewhat minor character in a TV show has been replaced by a different actor. However, if you watched the most recent episode of Supergirl and became reacquainted with the new(ish) young Kara, you might be wondering who the actress is. Here’s what you need to know!

Who plays Young Kara in ‘Supergirl’?

People really love her as Young Kara, too. “Olivia Nikkanen and Izabela Vidovic might be the best young casting on a show because I sit here watching these Alex and Kara scenes fully convinced I’m watching little Chyler and Melissa #Supergirl,” a fan tweeted.

Another wrote, “you were AMAZING this episode, but this one scene? you nailed it as kara danvers, you’re the best choice!!” And it’s true — Izabela truly did look like a younger version of Kara (or actress Melissa Benoist).

Another echoed that statement by saying, “SHE’S RIGHT!! I remember that the [first] time I saw you I thought “damn, melissa’s makeup is so good, she really looks like a teenager!” and then I was like “wait…that’s NOT melissa!¡!¡!?”

As far as her personal life goes, Izabela is like any other teen girl. She likes to treat herself to baked goods on her days off.

Izabela spends quality time with her little sister.

…As well as her mom, whom she calls her best friend.

Izabela is bound for some amazing things — and her career has only begun.

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