How to save Your Favorite Tik Tok Videos

Usually, when someone asks you if you saw that video where this guy did the craziest thing, there’s a good chance it was a Tik Tok video. When it comes to options, Tik Tok gives you a large variety of them when it comes to filters, backgrounds, and music.

With so many great videos of Tik Tok, you’ve surely found various videos you’ve liked and wanted to keep. The app has a way for you to save all the videos you want. The save option may not always be in plain sight, but it’s there.

Add Any Tik Tok Video to Your Android Device’s Gallery

When the window of options appears from the bottom of your display, tap on the Save Video option. After you tap on the save option, your video will be saved in your device’s gallery. In what folder your gallery app saves, the video will depend on the gallery app you’re using. Some might save it in a Tik Tok folder, while others might save it in the Camera folder.

Also, depending on what Android device you have, you can save any Tik Tok video by recording your screen. For example, the Samsung S 21 has this useful option you can use and saves you the work of finding a screen recording app that you’re happy with.

How to save a Tik Tok Video with No Watermark

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How to Save Tik Tok Video on Your Windows 10 Computer and Mac


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