Starbucks Barista Shares Customer’s Ludicrous Custom Order That Includes Bananas In A Cup Of “Coffee”, Others Share Similar Stories

Keep it simple, people—you’re ordering a cup of coffee, not a dessert meant for royalty with exotic and rare ingredients from the most secretive corners of the globe. Everyone’s going to thank you if your order’s simple at the local coffee shop: the barista smiling at you across the counter, the bleary-eyed commuters behind you who just want their cup of morning Joe ASAP, and… your body that wants something even a bit nutritious.

of the monstrous order one of his customers asked for. It’s enormous and we have no idea how the customer, Edward, could even function after such a cup of (with so much sugar there, you can’t really even call it) ‘coffee.’ The baristas and cafe workers of Twitter pitched in with their own photos of weird orders. And you know what? They perfectly embody Josie’s desire to quit his job. We feel you, Josie!

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