Tej’s Entire Fast & Furious Backstory Explained

When Tej Parker first appears in “2 Fast 2 Furious,” he’s the nerve center of the racing scene in Miami, Florida. A former street racer himself, Tej retired from competitive driving after surviving a high-speed collision, and now, he prefers to remain on the sidelines. This has only made him a more important figure in town. By night, Tej books the match-ups for quarter-mile drag racing contests on the Miami streets. By day, Tej hosts waterfront jetski races.

In either case, Tej gets to collect his take from all the wagers being made, as well as earn some extra cash by betting on his favorites. Outside of his position of power in the world of illicit street racing, Tej also owns a legitimate business, Tej’s Garage, where he holds court with mechanic Jimmy (MC Jin) and local artist/racer Suki (Devon Aoki).

During his reign over racing in Miami, Tej is a young and boisterous hustler whose main concern is making money, but he’s also a leader with the respect of his peers on the scene. Other racers follow his rules without question, and when it’s time to call in a favor, he has the entire community behind him.

Future films in the series will imply another life for Tej outside of this scene. Beyond the years of studying computer programming that becomes apparent later on, Tej also hints in “Fast Five” that he’s had prior experience cracking sophisticated locks.

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