The crack who has had enough of Zidane and leaves Real Madrid

At present the who drives Zinedine Zidane is totally immersed in what is this final stretch of the campaign, in which they fight nothing more and nothing less than to conquer a double that months ago nobody would think they would have a chance to win: that of LaLiga Santander and the Champions League. Despite the fact that in both tournaments he is still not a favorite, the fact that he reached this point with a chance to win both trophies is a huge achievement. In the Spanish championship everyone thought that the advantage of Atlético de Madrid it would be unattainable; but has managed to get just two points away just four days from the end; while in Europe, when many left him for dead in the group stage, managed to reach a very tough semi-finals against Chelsea.

These milestones are only due to the enormous confidence that Zidane has combined with a squad full of players who blindly believe in what the Frenchman says. Despite the fact that on several occasions during this course the figure of the Frenchman has been discussed, the players have stood up for him and with great results have managed to resurrect him from his ashes. That unwavering faith of the footballers comes from so many years together, from the same mythical Frenchman and from a knowledge as a coach that he already has undeniably. However, not everything is rosy in the template; because there are some elements in it that are not entirely in accordance with their situations and one of them is a Rodrygo Goes who already saw how his importance has plummeted and he does not like that in the least.

A progression that has been stalled

Although at first all doubts were placed on Vinicius, he has managed to reverse with a lot of effort, work and good performances all the criticism that was against him; to the point that he is now one of Zidane’s headlines. Although it is clear that he still needs to improve, the Brazilian has already improved a lot if the situation in the eyes of the French and He is no longer the only favorite of Florentino PérezThe French coach is also very aware of it. However, the reverse path has been made by a Rodrygo who did not see such unbalancing qualities as his compatriot; but if he had two more things that were very well highlighted and that made him stand out in Zidane’s eyes: his ability to score goals with few occasions and that intelligence in his decision making; precisely the two weak points of Vinicius.

Against this background, at Real Madrid they saw Rodrygo with more chances of succeeding than young Vinicius, so much that his progression looked unstoppable; but the reality is that things have turned around and it is the former Flamengo who has advanced. The former Santos player has been stopped by the few opportunities he has received from Zidane lately and besides that, some injuries that have kept him away from the pitch for a while. Although he returned fully recovered a few months ago, it has been difficult for him to perform well when the Frenchman gives him minutes and the times he has started, he has hardly been able to shine. This has been a great disappointment, because at the end of last season it was thought that this could settle; however, nothing has happened and its progression has rather stalled.

Rodrygo would bet on a loan

Faced with all this situation, Rodrygo would be tempted to go away for a while in search of more minutes than at Real Madrid right now he does not have. And it is that despite the injuries and the few opportunities he has had, the Brazilian has managed to score a goal and make seven assists in this course; that although they are not very encouraging numbers for what it was thought could have this season, they are still important to a young man who is only 20 years old. With the idea of ​​not staying another year spending a lot of time on the bench, Rodrygo could accept a loan that would revalue him in the eyes of Zidane; thus in the future he would return to be an important piece in the merengue attack, since his interventions on the right have always generated great expectations. It has worked for other young talents and he also wants to show that he will come back stronger.

Real Madrid’s transfer policy changed a long time ago, as they have now focused on finding talented young people before they cost a million and it is impossible to sign them. Rodrygo entered this dynamic of transfers, which is why both Florentino Pérez and Zidane are hopeful that he will become a key player in the future.; so if you must go out to progress, no one would object. The only thing that would be assured is their return, because for nothing in the world would they be willing to lose a talent of their magnitude. Although his relationship with the French coach is not at its best, things can be redirected in the future and they will bet on that. Some media already suggest that Borussia Dortmund would be attentive to get him on loan, but already in summer it will be seen how everything ends for this player that everyone wants to see triumph in white.

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