How to get Dimitrescu’s Key in Resident Evil Village

To explore Castle Dimitrescu fully, you’ll need to find Dimitrescu’s Key location in Resident Evil Village. This, along with the Iron Insignia Key, will open up crucial doors leading to treasures and story progress. If you’re eager to explore, we’ve put together a guide for how to get Dimitrescu’s Key in Resident Evil Village below.

How to get Dimitrescu’s Key in Resident Evil Village

The good and easy news is that you’ll get Dimitrescu’s Key in Resident Evil Village by playing through the main story. After you solve the statue puzzle in the Hall of Ablution, you’ll head down and around before eventually climbing up a ladder to the outside balcony of the castle.

There’s a save room here with a typewriter which you should stop at before clambering across the wooden scaffolding. A piece of the floor will snap as Ethan crosses, and you’ll then be treated to a cutscene where you spy on Lady Dimitrescu as she talks to Mother Miranda over the phone. Once she leaves you can sneak around and into her chamber.

It’s very easy to miss the key and sit around confused for a while here, but Dimitrescu’s Key location is in this room. You’ll have seen the large vampire lady light a smoking pipe on a torch up in the back corner of the room during the cutscene. As you enter, head to the back of the room and look up at the twin candle holder on the wall in the back left of the room, close to the window. It’s here that you’ll find Dimitrescu’s Key in Resident Evil Village.

Interact with Dimitrescu’s key as shown above to pick it up. Unfortunately, things quickly go south soon after, and Ethan will find himself tumbling into the depths of the castle once more. The good news is that after you get Dimitrescu’s Key, you can grab the Iron Insignia Key very soon after. The two of these together will unlock almost all of the castle’s secrets, allowing you to get the Sniper Rifle and other rare treasures.

Now that you know how to get Dimitrescu’s Key in Resident Evil Village, head over to our hub page to prepare yourself for the other puzzles ahead. Though be warned, Lady Dimitrescu won’t leave you alone for long…

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