Radical examples showing that journalists aren’t perfect either

This is a compilation of funny press mistakes, goofs, gaffes and flukes. Some say that low salaries and shorter staff make the media today a haven of atrocities and inaccuracies. Judge for yourself, journalists are (also not) perfect.

Poor Taurus:

The truth is that I do not have the pleasure of knowing who Amalia de Villena is and I do not question her skills to write the horoscope, but this time it seems to me that It has been something radical with the poor Taurus …

Of course, the ears must have been ringing, which is a pleasure that day. I imagine it will be a troll with bad slobber, but the published result is insane.

On top of dead, “beat up”

I don’t know if there was a mistake or bad slobber the day before, but what is evident is that if I were the poor man I would roll over in the grave. First because my obituary was crushed the day before, and second for the rectification, in which they reiterate the message for the second consecutive day.

I hope at least they didn’t charge the family for it. What a fabric.

Anchovies with surprise:

The delicious recipes in some newspapers are not saved from being places where you can find curious situations. The possibility of cooking something that transmits a beautiful serious disease such as salmonellosis has its curious point. It looks like the concealer, and the lack of review, played a trick.

Go for Zaplana:

When the media set their sights on a victim for any reason they are relentless.

In this case, more than an error, it seems that it is the desire of journalists to find links “wherever”. Bad slobber, bad writing and the most amazing thing, being guilty of owning a restaurant.

Although it is true that the figure of Zaplana is in question for other reasons, this was going a bit far.

The mother of all strikes:

Medical strikes are always complicated. They are difficult situations that can affect us all.

In this case it was something extreme since the sick themselves, in a delirious situation, had agreed to go on strike together with the doctors to guarantee empty hospitals.

Live to see.

Officials grow:

It is a recurring debate. Are there many officials in Spain?

The answer now yes, lends itself little to discussion. In a country of 46 million inhabitants, having neither more nor less than 2,208 million civil servants sounds at least excessive, and expensive to sustain.

Politicians who revive, what we lacked:

I do not know who the deputy for tourism was, but in a single article two extraordinary merits are attributed to him. First, to be able to come back from the dead, which the good man will appreciate. The second, that impeccable dedication to his position that makes him not only return from death but also do it to work. Crack!

The makeup

I’m a huge Nadal fan. It seems this copywriter is too.

Now, you have to put phonies aside, and We don’t like the Serbian Djokovic because he rivals our Rafa, it’s not like we can put this cruel trip in the newspaper.

I always have a hint of doubt with these things … Evil of a dancing character, or just mischief?

Figure and see if he is still breathing:

The results of this autopsy were conclusive, thank goodness.

We do not know what other conclusions were drawn, but the certainty that the body was dead reassures us. Otherwise, after opening it from top to bottom, if he is alive, he could have armed that of San Quintin.

Brutal punishment:

There are tremendous lawyers. They no longer know what to do to get money from their customers.

This must be the cruelest in recent years. After alleged medical malpractice, he had the happy idea of ​​ordering 1 year of cancer for the doctor. In the blacksmith’s house, a wooden knife, that I paid with his own currency and see how he solves it -the lawyer must have thought-

How wicked!

Death squared:

Everything has a solution, except for death. Hopefully it is an unpleasant moment that we will only have to live once in our life. Except this poor lady who not only had to go through the sad trance but also to do it for two days in a row.

Kind of a replay of the play, I imagine.

Alfredo Pérez “Rubalcaca”:

A letter that dances and turns Rubalcaba into “Rubalcaca”. The best thing about having a laugh and doing a mischief on television is that you can always say later that it was a “typo.” Of course, it works better with the “b” and the “v”. The letter “c” is far enough on the keyboard from the letter “b” to think that there was a bit of milk on this topic.

You’ve been bad … and you know it.

20 years of the “Curco” thing already ??:

If you have any spelling questions, don’t look at it on Google … your strip palante as it sounds to you … If nobody knows how to write it and surely nobody notices.

In the middle of the news, seeing how Kurt Cobain is baptized with a strange name hurt the eyes. It is not a question of English, it is a question of if you do not know, check before and feel like it.

Good for the police:

It is sad news, but no one can deny that the police did the right thing.

Although it seems obvious they decided that When the body of the sadly deceased Marta del Castillo is found, they should stop looking for it.

Makes sense. Good thinking on the part of our leaders.

Sorianos: to the barricades !:

Some Soriano must have freaked out that morning.

Reading that Lebanon has decided to invade your province should be hard and should be a bit scary.

The less it seems that the blood then should not have reached the river …

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