Resident Evil Village Village Visit #2 Collectibles Guide

In this Resident Evil Village Village Visit #2 Collectibles Guide, we’ll be showing you the location for all items of interest that you’ll find on your second visit to the Village.

Resident Evil Village Village Visit #2 Collectibles

After Ethan has made his way out of Castle Dimitrescu, he’ll revisit the Village. As you’re there, you’ll face different tasks and challenges; however, you must obtain these items while dealing with them. We’ll be guiding you to the exact location that’ll make obtaining these items more manageable.

Following are the items in chronological order that you’ll find the second time around in the Village in RE 8.

Dirty FlaskPick it up when you’re heading out after killing Lady Dimitrescu.

Craftsman’s NoteIn Village F1, after you’ve killed Lady Dimitrescu and have escaped the Castle, you’ll be out in a frosty area. You’ll find this collectible in a nearby hut that has a table with a note over it. It’ll also be right beside a typewriter save point.

Outhouse No.3In Village F1, you’ll find this behind the hut you’ve discovered earlier.

Winged KeyIn Underground 1F, you’ll be picking up this collectible after the cut scene is triggered.

Goat No.7In Village F1, located at the Lone Road, you’ll find this collectible when you’ll be combatting Lady Dimitrescu and facing other enemies afterward. After your fight, turn to the left side and take the wooden stairs near the Draw Bridge.

Pipe BombsIn Village 1F located at Altar, this is the collectible you’ll obtain by buying it from the Merchant for 2500 Lei.

Leonardo’s MessageIn Village 1F, you’ll be going into the house located at the right of the “Maiden of War.” Once you enter the house, make your way to the second floor, and you’ll find this collectible.

Outhouse No.4In Village 1F, the same house as where you found Leonardo’s Message, head down and go to the backyard.

Jack HandleIn Village 1F, enter the building located north of the workshop. Now go towards the window and observe for the code ‘070408.’ After you’ve got the digits, you’ll find a locked cupboard. Use the code on the closet and unlock the Jack Handle.

M1911 HandgunIn Village 1F, the same room as the Jack handle, you’ll find the handgun on the upper cabinet.

Outhouse No.6In Village 1F, located in West Old Town, you’ll be encountering a vile enemy with big deadly claws. This enemy will come at you after you’re done using the Jack handle on the tractor, and you’ve crawled underneath it. You’ll notice the same location as a deadly enemy; there’s an outhouse. It is the sixth Outhouse you’re looking for.

Outhouse No.7You’ll find this house in Village 1F in West Old House. After you’ve been to the last Outhouse, don’t just leave through the Iron Insignia Gate. Instead, make your way around till you find another gate with the notice that reads ‘owners are missing.’ You’ll have to enter the gate by destroying the yellow deadbolt and enter the yard. Upon arriving, you’ll find one more Outhouse.

Goat No. 8As you enter the yard, you’ll spot the goat on a wooden hut at a shed located to the right. You’ll also spot the ‘Missing Owner’ house as well

Note on the Luthier’s HouseApproach the ‘Missing Owner’ house in the yard, and you’ll find this note hanging there by the door.

Well WheelLeave the yard and cross the Iron Insignia Gate, which you earlier saw near Outhouse No. 6. You’ll come across Well Wheel right behind the house, and you can use the wheels of the well to get some treasures and rewards. They don’t contain collectibles specifically, so it’s up to you if you want to pass on it or not.

Outhouse No.8From Well Wheel, you’ll spot a yellow ladder. Use the yellow ladder to make your way to the next yard, where you can see some hens and chickens too. When you make your way, you’ve found a bleached outhouse.

Eugen’s DiaryAs you reach the white Outhouse, take the ladder you used earlier to enter the yard and drop it to the next yard. You’ll enter the house with a red chimney, and inside the house, you’ll find this collectible.

Four-Winged KeyIn Village 1F located in West Old Town, you’ll find this contained in a box near where you previously found the last file.

Church ComputerYou’ll find this collectible in Village 1F inside the church. This collectible wasn’t present here when you were here earlier. Nonetheless, you’ll find it now to collect.

Goat No. 9To obtain this item, leave from the church by making your way northeast of the churchyard and going through the insignia gate. Now head to the right and look amid the crypt building.

Luiza’s Necklace and KeyYou’ll be finding this collectible in Village 1F at the Luiza House. Near the corn where you previously helped a man and woman in your first visit to the Village, you’ll find the Luiza House. At the front of the house, you’ll find a case that contains Luiza’s Necklace.

Upon obtaining, it’ll be stored in your inventory which you’ll then inspect to attain “Necklace Stone.” The inspection doesn’t stop here; examine for a second time to obtain “Luiza’s Key.” You’ll be using this to unlock the little box found in Lone Road.

Goat No.10You’ll find the tenth goat at the left of the bridge. As you’re crossing, look left, and you’ll spot it.

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