The American Horror Story Actor You Didn’t Know Was A Preschool Teacher

Actor Ben Woolf, who received a diagnosis of pituitary dwarfism in childhood (via Time), first appeared in the inaugural season of “American Horror Story,” playing Thaddeus Montgomery, a murdered and dismembered child who was resurrected by his father à la Dr. Frankenstein. Long after his parents’ death, the rebuilt child haunted the basement of “Murder House.” Woolf returned to the series in “Freak Show,” playing the monosyllabic Meep who has a talent for decapitating chickens with his mouth. Framed for murder, Meep is arrested and beaten to death by fellow inmates.

In a promotional interview ahead of the premiere of “Freak Show,” Woolf revealed that when he wasn’t acting he worked as a preschool teacher. The actor said he loved working with children because “you kind of live in a different world that doesn’t have any rules, that has more imagination in it,” which he felt was akin to acting.

Ben Woolf died in 2015 from a stroke that was induced by being struck in the head during a traffic accident in Los Angeles.

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