What were the biggest stories from April?

If there was one word to sum up the past month, “reinvention” would be an apposite choice.

For one, you will have noticed that our special bitesized review of the previous month’s news has changed from Five Easy Pieces to The Big Picture.

Coming to you from our larger, refreshed and reinvented studios in Covent Garden, asset management correspondent James Baxter-Derrington will still serve up the pick of April’s top stories.

And where better to start off than with Abrdn’s recent rebrand, which got everyone – within the industry and on the Twittersphere – talking, not least because of its pnchnt for ‘remvng’ a few vowels.

Elsewhere, campaigners for greater diversity in the workplace called for a reinvention of attitudes towards race. This is after the FCA’s Sheldon Mills said black people in the industry today face “subtle and insidious” racism in the workplace.

Watch the video above to see which other stories made the headlines in April.

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