Photos of the Beats Studio Buds have popped up in a regulatory database

Apple’s upcoming Beats Studio Buds just continue to leak ahead of their official announcement.

As reported by MacRumors, images and details of the new wireless earbuds have popped up in Taiwan’s NCC (National Communications Commission) database.

We’ve already seen multiple pictures of the Beats Studio Buds, which feature a wire-free in-ear stemless design that sets them apart from prior Beats headphones and the AirPods. The database photos give us some insight into size.

The Beats Studio Buds fit into the ear and feature silicone tips, and there’s likely to be multiple size options available to ensure a snug fit. There’s a small body that houses electronics, with a Beats logo visible.

The case and charging cable for the Beats Studio Buds, according to the database, will feature USB-C instead of Lightning which has been the primary charging method for all Apple devices.

For charging purposes, the Beats Studio Buds come with an oval-shaped charging case made from matching plastic material. The photos have all featured black Beats Studio Buds and a black case, but there will be white and red versions available too, presumably with matching cases.

The Beats Studio Buds use a USB-C cable for charging, according to the database, which means there’s a USB-C port on the case rather than a Lightning port. So far, AirPods and past Beats headphones like the Powerbeats Pro have charged over Lightning, so this could signal a further shift to USB-C.

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