Introducing a new puppy

So introducing them to the puppy. I am fully expecting spider to freak out and panic so i wont get a good feel of her opinion but she does like puppies. Splinter has loved every dog he’s met but sometimes his being a terrier scares dogs. And shadow i just dont know. Shadow doesn’t really like puppies but he isnt outright mean to them, its more he just doesnt want to have much to do with them. When everything went to hell and we had to rehome trouble, by then trouble was 1 and spider went into heat and i had 2 un neutered male dogs in the house. Shadow has since been neutered and gone blind.

What would i look for as far as things that would indicate its not going to work out? The 3 are coming and im going to try to do introductions at the shelter but i dont know how my dogs are going to react in the shelter. I expect spider to panic and im not expecting either of the boys to behave there.

The puppy is a almost 9 week old staffordshire bull terrier mix. Dont really actually know though so i plan on doing a dna test.

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