Lucifer saison 5B : Netflix dévoile un bêtisier délirant

“Lucifer” continues to hit Netflix with the launch of season 5 part 2. As a gift for fans, the platform unveiled a blooper of this new season.

Lucifer, when Netflix gets a hit

Originally Lucifer aired on FOX for three seasons. Netflix helped popularize the series in France by broadcasting it before recovering the rights to use it. Thus, the platform produced season 4 and intends to continue the show until a sixth. But before that it is the second part of season 5 which has been online since May 28, 2021. Episodes 9-16 once again convinced audiences with the humor that made the series so successful and many twists. Above all, the arrival of an important character in the series was expected: God, Lucifer’s father!

As a reminder, the series is about the famous fallen angel. Tired of reigning in hell, he leaves for Los Angeles. There he opened a nightclub called “Le Lux”. When one of his acquaintances dies murdered in front of him, he decides to find the culprit. His personal investigation leads him to cross the road of Inspector Chloé Decker. They will eventually work together to solve different cases. And although Lucifer openly claims to be the Devil, it will take time for his teammate to take him at his word …

An awesome blooper for season 5B

Throughout the seasons Lucifer made us laugh mainly thanks to this relationship between the two protagonists. Their coming together also helped to keep spectators interested. Having enjoyed following their adventures and those of the secondary characters during several seasons, we never tire of a blooper from season 5 part 2. It was put online by Netflix and we find the usual hiccups, text omissions or even small incidents with the decor. We especially appreciate Lauren German who is ironic on the accent of her playmate Tom Ellis, or the favorite phrase of the interpreter of God, Dennis Haysbert: “you will see”, without forgetting the improbable kisses between the members of the cast.

The five seasons of Lucifer are available on Netflix. Season 6 will air soon.

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