Vanguard’ could cause explosive problems for ‘Warzone’

According to numerous reports, 2021’s Call of Duty will be called Vanguard. It’s said to be World War II-themed with heavy Warzone integration, just like Black Ops Cold War before it. This means Warzone will have to shift from a 1980s setting into the 1940s.

While this might sound exciting — and to an extent, it sort of is — it’s cause for concern, partially when we recall how the Cold War/Warzone integration was handled in December 2020. There are numerous reasons why this could cause problems, such as nonsensical narrative decisions that could feel shoehorned, or even disjointed aesthetics.

But the most crucial reason has to do with weapon balancing, which has long been one of Warzone’s biggest problems, even prior to adding the firearms from Cold War.

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A time period discrepancy

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