Netflix Announces ‘Castlevania’ Spinoff Series

Trevor Belmont may have beaten Dracula and returned from the dead, but his story isn’t quite over yet. Today Netflix announced a spinoff series of Castlevania, which will focus on Belmont’s oh-so-many-greats grandson, Richter. Turns out Sypha’s pregnancy at the end of the series wasn’t a throwaway happily-ever-after.

This news is huge for Castlevania fans. Over the years, gamers have learned to groan and roll their eyes when studios announce video game adaptations. Then Castlevania premiered. The anime-influenced series broke the mold, respectfully paying homage to the original video game series while creating its own deeply rewarding story. It was exactly what you want in a game adaptation, something that was as epic as video game makes you feel while also being accessible to new fans. And the band is coming back to do it all over again.

Thanks to between Netflix and series director Samuel Deats of Powerhouse Animation Studios, it seems as though the same team behind the original show will be involved in the spinoff. We’ll be counting down the days until we can see the Belmont whip in action once again.

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