Woman Clashes With Her Controlling MIL, Her Fiancé Says She’s Turning Into A Bridezilla

A wedding during the COVID-19 era looks different. So does its preparation. Couples have to follow the news closely and maintain an open conversation with their vendors and guests. Navigating everything is exhausting. And some people just can’t catch a break. Reddit user u/Jolly_3772 is one of them.

She and her partner had to cancel their wedding twice during the pandemic. And when things finally were looking good for her, a new problem arose, in person. Her mother-in-law. Not only did the lady completely hijack the planning of the big day, but she also made u/Jolly_3772’s fiancé think his bride began turning into a bridezilla. Not knowing what to make of it and how to react, u/Jolly_3772 turned to the subreddit r/AmItheA**hole, explaining the entire situation and asking for advice.

Image credits: Samantha Gades (not the actual photo)

Image credits: Jolly_3772

People think the mother-in-law is way out of line

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