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Best Thermos Flask /Bottles in India: 2021 Reviews

A thermos flask also referred to as a vacuum flask or a dewar flask is an insulating bottle that helps in maintain the temperature of the drink. The best ones do it for the longest period of time. A thermos flask lets you enjoy your favorite drink at the desired temperature. It is very helpful […]

Oscars Producers Hint at a ‘Different’ Kind of Awards Show

Steven Soderbergh was intentionally vague about whether nominees, presenters and guests will be wearing masks at this year’s Oscars, and that’s just one ingredient of the secret sauce that the producers are hoping will make this year’s awards show unique and unlike any awards show we’ve seen, one during a pandemic or otherwise. Soderbergh along […]

Top Payment Gateways In Nigeria – Business

We all have heard how large paystack and flutterc wave are, lets talk about the major payment gateways in Nigeria. Most consumers in Nigeria have upgraded to making payments online rather than the traditional way of making payments. As it is safe, fast, secure and stress-free. Therefore, merchants are expected to be able to meet […]

VariDesk Pro Desk 54 Manual Standing Desk Review

[Editor’s Note: The following is a “forensic” review. We have not yet had the opportunity to test the Varidesk ProDesk 54 or the Varidesk ProDesk 60 in our labs. In situations like this—when we have been unable to obtain a review unit from the manufacturer and when there is demand from our readers for information […]

Blue Bunny’s New Load’d Bars Are Here For The Summer

Blue Bunny’s NEW Load’d Cones If you’re a sucker for toppings and mix-ins, then you need to get your hands on Blue Bunny’s new Load’d Bars. Made with 2x the mix-ins, you’ll find toppings like caramel and peanut butter swirls, brownie pieces, salted caramel filled bunnies and more all dipped in a crunchy coating. Load’d Bars […]