Six-Word Memoirs

It was the weirdest of times. Kate Remelius Tisch, Film and TV Leaving behind the good old days. Fareeha Mahmood CAS, Economics My love for my art grew. Samantha LaRochelle Tisch, Dramatic Writing I knew I could do anything. Christian Hamilton CAS, Psychology I wish it didn’t end here. Riley Smith Steinhardt, Applied Psychology Highs […]

Marvel insider reveals a disappointing update

Marvel has over 20 new movies and shows in the works, from next month’s Loki to the still-in-early-development Blade movie starring Mahershala Ali. But there’s one other project we technically know is coming, even though Marvel hasn’t officially announced it: Avengers 5. It’s only a matter of time before the mightiest heroes of the Marvel […]

ZTE Axon 30 Ultra 5G Specs, Price, and Best Deals

The ZTE Axon 30 Ultra 5G is a nice flagship smartphone that was announced by ZTE and the handset will be available in the USA and Canada plus other African and Asian countries. The device comes with a premium-looking body and also packs Snapdragon 888 processor with 8GB or 12GB of RAM, four rear cameras […]

How High Should I Cut My Grass? (Ideal Height by Type)

Some people love mowing their lawns. Every Saturday, they sit on their lawnmower, turn the machine on and lose themselves in the dream world of riding a white steed across the prairies. Other people just want the job done so the neighbors do not complain about the jungle, and pay the local kid to do […]

Mastering The Psychological Part of Bitcoin Trading

The modern world brings modern opportunities for making money, and today, when the main hype is about digital money, there is no reason for everyone not to get on this crypto train. No matter in which crypto one may want to invest, nor which one will they choose to trade, the results will be high, […]

Rutherford Falls Season 1, Episode 6 recap: Negotiations

What if Big Larry isn’t the problem? What if it’s the road? That’s the question posed by Nathan and Bobbie during their “regular session” with Mayor Chisenhall in Rutherford Falls Season 1, Episode 6. Side note: There is no regular session. They just show up every week at the same time. Nathan suggests they actually […]

Bindi Irwin Celebrates Her First Mother’s Day With Grace

Bindi Irwin is celebrating her first Mother’s Day after welcoming baby Grace with husband Chandler Powell in March. On such a meaningful day, the wildlife conservationist wanted to honor the ones who made her the woman she is today, including her late father, Steve Irwin. She posted a beautiful piece of artwork by Debb Oliver […]