Parents Should Pay Attention to Smartphones for Children

At some point, most children want to have a smartphone – but parents are skeptical. Rightly so! There are a few things mothers and fathers should keep in mind when their first mobile device is on the gift table. Strict prohibitions often do not help parents. At some point there will come a time when […]

this is how you can prepare a steak in the toaster

WHAT DOES THE ‘INVENTION’ OF THE TOASTER AND THE MEAT FILLET CONSIST OF? To do this, he bought a cheap toaster to experiment with and tossed in a couple of cuts of meat to see how they would turn out. In the first attempt he was somewhat crude, in the second burned. While testing he […]

Exhibit in Jackson honors 4 civil rights pioneers

Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Exhibit in Jackson honors 4 civil rights pioneers”. Below is an excerpt from the article. The exhibit at Jackson City Hall will honor former Lane College students Shirlene Mercer, Kimmie Davis, Wesley McClure and Ernest Brooks Sr., the city said in a statement. Known as the “freshman four,” the activists […]