John Durham looking at discredited Alfa Bank-Trump claim promoted by Hillary Clinton: report

Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Durham looking at discredited Alfa Bank-Trump claim promoted by Hillary Clinton: report”. Below is an excerpt from the article. Special investigator John Durham is looking at the origins of persistent anti-Donald Trump stories that the president’s land development company maintained a secret communication link with Alfa Bank, one of Russia’s […]

The Best London Pubs With Private Function Rooms To Hire

In these unusual times, venues may be subject to new restrictions at short notice. Always check in with the venue before making your plans and ensure that these are in line with the latest government guidance. This is based on original content by James Drury. When you’re planning a party in London you’re spoilt for […]

Top Baby Exersaucers – Parenthood Guide

When your little one reaches 4 to 6 months old, they begin to need an element of freedom. They also want to look around, reach for things and test their legs. At the same time, you crave a few minutes of hands-free time. Investing in the best baby activity center will give you what you […]

The virus and the internal metamorphosis of countries

In this dark time, much attention is being drawn to the change in the relationship of forces between nations or blocks. It is clear that China, which has withstood the onslaught of the virus better than others, is gaining global weight in these vicissitudes and that Europe, with an economy in sharp contraction, is losing […]

“With your feet on the ground”

Although the title of the album coincides with that of one of the songs contained in it, they have different meanings (or, rather, the album has a double meaning): in the song, “dedicated” to the singer’s haters, it tries to mean that being himself he can succeed anyway; the title of the album refers to […]