Amazon Releases ‘Invincible’ Teaser at New York Comic Con

Amazon Prime Video revealed a first look into “Invincible,” the upcoming animated superhero series based on Kirkman’s second-longest comic book series. “If you’ve been reading the comic book series, you’re going to get everything you’ve been expecting or wanting,” Kirkman said during the virtual event. “But we’re changing some characters, we’re expanding some roles, we’re […]

The West Wing Cast Reunites in New Trailer for HBO Max Special

Martin Sheen returns as President Bartlet with Bradley Whitford as Josh Lyman, Richard Schiff as Toby Ziegler, Rob Lowe as Sam Seaborn, Allison Janney as C.J. Cregg, Dulé Hill as Charlie Young and Janel Moloney as Donna Moss. Sterling K. Brown is playing Leo McGarry in place of the late John Spencer. The episode originally aired in Feb. 2002 and creator Aaron Sorkin wrote original material to update the story a bit for […]

Pixar’s ‘Soul’ Skips Theaters for Disney Plus

Pixar’s “Soul” is skipping theaters and will debut exclusively on Disney Plus in time for Christmas. The animated family film will launch on the streaming service on Dec. 25. In international markets where Disney Plus isn’t available, “Soul” will be released theatrically on an yet-to-be determined date. “Soul” was initially slated to release in June, […]

Star Trek: Prodigy: Captain Janeway to return for new show

Captain Janeway is coming back to our screens! The latest Star Trek offering, Prodigy, is bringing back a beloved captain in a new form. Get your coffee and brush up on the Prime Directive, Star Trek fans because Captain Janeway is heading back to the stars! Kate Mulgrew will be reprising her role as Captain […]

Studio Executive William Bernstein, Co-Founder of Orion, Dies at 87

Hollywood studio executive William Bernstein, a co-founder of Orion Pictures who also worked for United Artists and Paramount Pictures, died Wednesday. He was 87. Longtime associate Mike Medavoy confirmed Bernstein’s death, first reported by The Hollywood Reporter. “He was a brilliant guy, just very very smart,” Medavoy said. Bernstein, Medavoy, Arthur Krim, Robert Benjamin and […]