Blake Jenner Takes ‘Full Responsibility’ for Ex-Wife Melissa Benoist’s Abuse Claims, Alleges He Was Also a ‘Victim’

His side of the story. Nearly one year after Melissa Benoist claimed that she was in an abusive relationship at one point, her ex-husband, Blake Jenner, spoke out about the allegations, confirming that she was referring to their marriage. “I take full responsibility and accountability for the hurt that I inflicted during my relationship with […]

Weekly Ketchup: Harrison Ford in Cowboys & Aliens

This week’s Ketchup includes new movies based upon Japanese imports Godzilla and Shogun Warriors, new roles for Angelina Jolie and Leonardo DiCaprio, and new movies for the directors of Wanted and Kick-Ass. FRESH DEVELOPMENTS Harrison Ford became famous for playing Han Solo, and became even more famous for playing Indiana Jones. However, outside of those […]

Pixar’s ‘Soul’ Moves To Disney+ On Christmas Day

The dominos of departing theatrical releases from the 2020 calendar continue as theater chains face hurdles opening in the United States due to a continuing widespread COVID-19 pandemic and closures loom as Europe finds itself on the verge of a second wave. Expected blockbusters such as “Dune” and “No Time To Die” have already pushed […]

New Fall Skin-Care Launches at Sephora 2020

Now that fall is finally here, the change in weather likely means we’re tucking away those ultra-lightweight creams and looking for something richer to keep skin safe as temperatures drop. After all, things can get rather rough, even under many layers of clothing. And, speaking of what’s happening just out of sight, there are also […]